What do we offer?

As a member you get 2 new videos every day with the workouts of the day:

  1. Workout A: Tabata without weights
  2. Workout B: Tabata with weights

What is a Tabata workout?

A Tabata is a workout in which you complete 8 rounds of 30 seconds each. On each round, you work for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. This way you are only busy for 4 minutes in total, but with an impressive result.

Each workout has its own demo video in which one of our coaches demonstrates the exercises. He or she not only shows the exercises, the coach will also complete the entire workout together with you. That way you don’t feel like training alone 🙂

  • Workout A is completely based on your own body weight. So you don’t need any material at all.
  • At workout B we use simple material. You don’t need much, a weight in the form of a kettlebell, a dumbbell or a self-made weight is sufficient.

The Functional Home Training concept is specially designed for people who have little time but still want a healthy and fit body. Complete one or two Tabata workouts every day and it will only take you 4 to 8 minutes. That is enough to lay a good foundation for an energetic body.

“We are all the result of our habits”.

A lack of energy, strength, endurance or sleepless nights, obesity, stress, etc. are often the result of our (unhealthy) lifestyle or habits.

In the “Habit of the week” we give tips to change the most common (old or bad) habits into better or healthier habits that will give you more energy. Apply them step by step and we guarantee that your body and your energy level will change!

Consider the healthy habit of the week combined with the workout of the day and a healthy diet as your personal guide to body change.

As a member you have access to a library of healthy recipes. It is important not to skip any meal and to opt for:

  • a healthy breakfast
  • a healthy lunch
  • two healthy snacks
  • a healthy main meal

By sticking to the prescribed ingredients and quantities, you can be sure that your food will contribute to a more energetic life and a toned body.

You will be getting enough nutrients to handle your daily challenges or workouts, but you won’t be overeating so you don’t store excess body fat.

Relaxation is a natural skill that anyone can learn, although it is not self-evident.

You have to learn to relax and you learn do it easily. Once you have mastered some techniques, you will notice that relaxing is beneficial. You will even be able to relax quickly at the slightest stress or tension and then calmly resume your tasks.

As a member you have access to some simple techniques for mental relaxation such as abdominal breathing, sensory fixation, concentration and meditation. We have developed these for you in the form of audio guidance.

Get started with your relaxation moment every day and you will soon experience the positive effect. You will be able to relax faster and more deeply, your thoughts will run wild less, you will be able to concentrate better and your brain will be much more creative.

Performing the workouts correctly is essential to achieve good results. We have made a separate instruction video for each exercise, explaining how to perform the movement. We also indicate the most common mistakes to avoid.

As a member you get access to our social media channel. We have our own community platform where our members can get in touch with each other, ask questions and share experiences.

We see in our physical fitness gyms and our CrossFit® box that personal contact and connection are very important. That is why we also want to encourage this in our online community.

We have decided to set up a private network within this website instead of using public platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or others. We do this to protect our members against unauthorized use of private data by these third parties. In this way, our members are also protected against accidental advertising, withholding information or selling the data to outside companies.

How Fit Are You? That may be a difficult question. For one, that is how long or how fast he / she can run. For the other it is how much weight he / she can lift and for yet another it can be a totally different parameter. Everyone experiences their level of fitness differently and these are difficult to compare. Yet there are a few objective indicators with which you can easily estimate how Fit you are.

Your general fitness level can be assessed in four main areas:

  1. Aerobic fitness;
  2. Muscle strength;
  3. Flexibility;
  4. Body composition;

With this link you will find 12 simple tests that allow you to see for yourself where you stand in each of these 4 domains.


Every day we program a workout (Tabata A) for which you don’t need any equipment at all. In addition, there is a second workout (Tabata B) for which you do need material. This is indicated below the video.

Depending on the surface on which you will train, it may be advisable to provide a training mat. We have no preference at all about the material, color or type. Make sure the mat is large and firm enough.


All exercises in Tabata B can be performed with dumbbells or kettlebells. We always indicate whether you need 1 or 2.


The weight depends on your physical capabilities. Here are some guidelines, but don’t be blinded by them.

  • light: 0.5 – 4 kg (1 – 8 lb)
  • Medium: 5 -12 kg (10 – 24 lb)
  • Heavy: > 16 kg (> 32 lb)

It is not the intention at all to cost you unnecessarily. You can replace the Dumbbells or Kettlebells with an alternative. You can find something with a little imagination. For example, you can fill bottles of different sizes with water, sand or pebbles.

A sturdy support that can support your body weight about 40 cm (16″) high. This can be a chair, ottoman, sofa, coffee table or similar.


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