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Carine en Werner oprichters van Functional Home Training

Sport climbing, mountaineering, skiing, water skiing, functional fitness, survival runs, judo and everything that has to do with sports and adventure are our passion. In 2010 we (Carine and Werner) decided to share our passion for the sport by opening 2 fitness centers and a CrossFit® Affiliate gym.

When we look at friends, neighbors, family members or colleagues at work, we find that most of them are in poor shape, are overweight, suffer from stress, come to work tired, have no energy, etc. This is in strong contrast to the level of fitness of members in our gyms. After a few weeks of guidance and good advice, we see them become stronger, have better endurance, get a tighter body and are mentally stronger in life. That makes us very happy of course.

And then came Corona…

During the pandemic we suddenly had to close the doors and we could no longer receive our members. The classes in the gym were replaced by online classes. That was quite a challenge and taught us a lot. We have especially discovered that the step to the fitness gym is too big for a large group of people.

Getting to and from the gym takes too much time for them, they don’t want to be tied down to expensive or long subscriptions and others don’t like ending up in overcrowded group classes.

To help all these people, we decided to set up Functional Home Training. We bring our experience of coaching from our fitness gyms to your living room. The intention is to train everyone at home and to keep the threshold to sport and relaxation as low as possible.

We know from experience that the best results are achieved by combining physical activity, a healthy diet and healthy habits. The combination of these elements gives the best cocktail for a healthy and energetic life. With your subscription you get access to all of these programs.

And what we have also learned is the power of a close relationship with all members. That is why we are also strongly committed to our community. As a member you have access to our private network. Hopefully we can meet there too 🙂

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