Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a completely different approach to the classic fitness with machines that you will find in a classic fitness room. Those machines usually let you perform unilateral movements. With functional fitness you let several muscle groups work together, just like you use them in daily life such as lifting, carrying, throwing, standing, walking, etc.

You will mainly use your own body weight and free weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells or homemade weights. Training with free weights has the advantage of working on your general strength, endurance, coordination, posture, balance and flexibility. Especially the fact that you perform most exercises standing and that you always have to look for a solid balance gives many advantages. You should always tense your abdominal and back muscles so that in addition to the other muscles you also always work on a solid torso. This gives greater stability and a reduction of any back pain. You can never match this effect with static fitness equipment.

You are better prepared for your daily tasks such as gardening, lifting your child out of the car seat, carrying your groceries, playing with the children, painting a ceiling and all kinds of other tasks that used to be a lot of effort and sore muscles. The goal of functional fitness is to develop your muscles to lead an active and energetic lifestyle without any problems.

For many people, the benefits will also be visible at work. The nurse will be able to lift a patient more easily, a gardener will suffer less from pain in the shoulders or back, the technician will be able to move more easily to replace a part of a machine, the firefighter will be able to carry the injured person more easily, etc.

Even for people with a sedentary profession, the effects will be noticeable quickly. You will become more flexible in your pelvis, get firmer back and abdominal muscles, so that you will suffer less from lower back pain.

Functional fitness also contributes to improving your general sports performance. Your stamina and explosiveness will improve so that you will perform even better and recover faster. The chance of injuries will be less that way.

You need little material or space. You can train wherever you want, at home, on the beach or in the park without having to go to the gym. When you want, where you want and as long as you want. Fantastic isn’t it 🙂

Combine functional fitness with a healthy diet and healthy habits and your body will experience a true transformation. You will be slimmer, fitter and more energetic. Your colleagues, friends and family will soon notice, believe me.


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