Healthy Habits

In our fitness gyms, we see people every week who want to improve their general level of fitness. They set themselves the goal of getting stronger, losing weight, improving their endurance or feeling a little fitter. Everyone has their own motivation and works on it in their own way. These are usually New Year’s resolutions that are taken at the beginning of the year and just before or after the summer holidays.

Generally, these are people who played sports in their youth, but because of their studies, career or building a family, they no longer had time to do anything. for their condition. After years of inactivity, the kilos accumulate little by little and the slightest effort is exhausting. It is therefore time to act.

When you ask people about their sports or physical activities and the way they eat, they have all built their own way of life. Yet, we noticed a constant in most people. Most people are attached to habits, whether good or bad. Humans are creatures of habit. For years, they have built a pattern regarding exercise, diet, physical and mental activities, their sleep, etc.

“We are all the result of our habits”.

In our “healthy habit of the week” video, we give tips for adjusting the most common habits (old or bad) to better or healthier habits that will give you more energy. Apply them step by step and we guarantee that your body and your energy level will change!

Of course, these tips aren’t the only ways to get started. There are so many other habits you can tweak, but they already form a solid foundation. You will notice that everything is a question of small adjustments and above all of perseverance.

You must first get rid of these bad habits and change your lifestyle. We always ask first to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to eat healthily and to make an evaluation only after a few months.

Of course, we can’t expect you to adopt new habits every day. Changing a habit takes time and effort. That’s why we post a new healthy habit every week. This way you have a whole week to work on it. Sometimes it will take you even longer, that’s definitely not a problem. Keep persevering.

Consider these healthy weekly habits and daily fitness videos your personal guide to changing your body to a healthier, happier, and stronger version of yourself.

Don’t kid yourself, though. Our approach is not suitable for those who do not want to change. If you don’t change your habits, your body won’t either. But if you follow our program, your friends, family or co-workers will witness the changes in your body, your appearance, your zest for life and your performance.

Are you ready for this? Today is a turning point in your lifestyle!


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